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Each student at Wheatland Community School has an individualized academic program. Every effort is made to match teaching style to the student's learning style. Curriculum is aligned to that of WUHS to ensure that students will be able to keep up academically in the event that they return to WUHS. All courses are standards-based so that there can be a seamless transition from one district school to another.
The educational needs of each student are met by monitoring their progress for their eventual return to WUHS. The school counselor will keep in contact with the WCDS teacher and teachers in the high school to ensure that the curriculum will be equivalent to what they would have received if they were still in the regular high school.
For more information on curriculum, please view WUHS Courses and Graduation Requirements.

Social NeedsTop of Page

The social and emotional needs are met by using Character Education curriculum infused throughout the day. Additionally, the school counselor works cooperatively with the teacher to help with the development of the student’s emotional and social needs.